Weekly Challenges in June

For the month of June, we are offering a weekly challenge to inspire ITC Members to push their fitness levels to new heights.

June 1-7:
ITC North did a tire flip challenge. Pete Kelloway did 31 flips and Stefanie Madsen did 30 flips of the tire in one minute.
ITC Downtown did a burpee challenge. Brandon Adams did 31 burpees in one minute. Erin Mackey was right behind him with 26.

June 8-14: How many meters can you row in one minute? For more information on how rowing technique, click here: http://www.concept2.com/indoor-rowers/training/technique-videos .

Criteria for the rowing challenge:

Adjust the damper. The damper is a dial located to the right of the readout screen. Adjust it to add more or less resistance to the rower. In order to get the most bang for your buck, flip the damper to ten. Row as hard as you can for one minute. As soon as the the minute is up, you must stop rowing. Allow the meters to roll. Once the meters stop rolling, the test is complete. Record your name or initials and meters rowed on the dry erase board.

June 15-21:  How many sit-ups can you do in one minute?  The number to beat is 54 set by Darryl T.

June 22-28:  How many pull-ups can you do in one minute?

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