Turkey Day Burn

ITC’s Thanksgiving Turkey Day Burn

We had a BLAST at our early morning Thanksgiving Day Workout and raised  $300 for the Food Bank of Iowa. Thirty-two crazy turkeys woke up before the sun did to get their pre-Thanksgiving Dinner burn on. We had all  levels of exercisers show up, because the workouts were easily scaled to ones ability.   No matter the fitness level, we all (Terri especially) took time for a little fun by taking many “swelfies” (that’s a sweaty selfie pic). Enjoy the show…


What a great looking group! Thanks to all who came out and supported the Iowa Food Bank!


Caught this group pic during their recovery…”C’mon guys! Look like you’re working hard. You’re embarrassing me!”


Carrie and Terri harassing Carrie’s husband for not being there. #kenisnotamorningperson.


Todd and Terri sending a harassing text to Larry, who “totally would’ve been there if he hadn’t been traveling”.


K.C. and Terri…think they’re pretty much sand bagging at the machine station…saving up for the AMRAP station. Hey! Box jumps are hard work!


Recovering for our next set and loving the “Selfie Song”.


Lisa and Terri started the tradition of The Turkey Burn years ago.


Hey! Is that a penguin on your shirt?


No! It’s a TURKEY!


Brenda S…a true rebel.


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