Salad Sabotage!
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What you’ll find is that a lot of salads that you order at your favorite restaurants have more fat than the entrees you were avoiding for the purpose of eating healthier. Your best options to keep the calories down: order light dressing on the side and dip your fork in it. The following are common salad ingredients that are higher in fat, not necessarily bad for you, but drive your total calorie count up quickly. Consider adding only one of these ingredients, skipping it, or asking for it on the side:

Avocados (heart healthy fat, a good one to keep!)
Any battered and fried meat (ask for GRILLED chicken or shrimp)
Black olives
Full fat salad dressings (some have as much fat as you should eat in a DAY!)
Taco salad shells
Beef taco meat

My favorite salad to order when eating out is the Fiesta Pollo Salad at Red Robin, I skip the cheese and do the dressing on the side. (It’s not that the cheese is SO bad for you, but by cutting it, and having the dressing on the side, I’m confident that I’m saving at least 20 grams of fat).

Other healthy options that you might consider when dining out:

Grilled, baked, or broiled boneless, skinless chicken breast, turkey breast, shrimp, fish or scallops (ask for no sauce or a tomato based sauce)
Grilled veggies (ask for no fat added to the veggies)
Baked potato (easy on the condiments)
If you LOVE dessert, consider skipping the starchy carb with your dinner (such as bread, potato, pasta) and share and savor a few bites of your favorite dessert with a friend!

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