New Session of TEAM Training

We are starting a new session of TEAM Training on Tuesday June 10th. Remember, with TEAM Training, you get a full months worth of training at your fingertips, with the flexibility of meeting twice a week with your TEAM. I encourage you and your TEAM mates to meet up at the gym and train together (with the workout on the board) on the days that class doesn’t meet. All TEAM classes at the downtown location will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays for now. I have interviewed with Cari Jones (awesome instructor) and I’m excited to report that she has agreed to join us. She will be running some classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at the downtown location, and also classes in Johnston-times/days TBA. We would like to build Cari’s class on Monday/Wednesday at 12:00. So, tell your friends!

T/Th TEAM Class times:
6:00am (needs one more person)
6:45am (needs 3 more people)
11:00am (needs 1 more person)
11:30 (full)
11:45 (full)
1:15 (needs 1 more person-Tate??????)
4:30 (full)
5:15 (I have some interest in this one…Janea, Chas, Ken?, Victoria?)

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