Johnston Gym

6210 NW 106th, Johnston, IA 5013

If you are looking at the map, know that the google “ping”-or red flag that pin-points our location,  is inaccurate as it pings us at the south side of 62nd. WE ARE AT THE NORTH WEST CORNER OF 62ND AND 106TH.

You might also avoid traffic by taking this route:

If you’re taking 141, head north from the I35, turn right on SE 37th*, go east to 100th, turn left and go north on 100th, turn left and go west on 62nd Ave. At the intersection of 62nd Ave and 103rd, turn right and go NORTH on 103rd, curve left onto Catalina Dr. then turn left onto 106th. We are the last driveway on the right.

Contact me today for a demo and tour of the training center!