I’ve ran this half marathon 3 times in the past.. But after some RA induced foot fusions, broken ankles and surgeon suggestions due to “mushy bones” I had to give up running. Feeling sorry for myself is and was not an option so I enlisted the help of some non running friends and completed my very first total walking half marathon!! It was hard at first to see everyone racing past me, then seeing them come back past me through Water Works Park… But as you can see from the photos, this was a whole new exciting experience! Taking time to enjoy the colors of the trees! To talk to other walkers and learning their story of fitness! To have marathoners run by and tell us “looking good, Girls! Keep it up!” and “they look like they’re having more fun than us…!”  We didn’t have ear buds in so we took the time to stop and enjoy the entertainment! We finished in 3 hours and 58 minutes!  But the emotions were the same crossing the finish line as they were when I finished in 2 hours!  It just goes to show that if there’s a will, there’s a way!! I had the best time and can’t wait for the next one! Thanks to all my family, friends and supporters!!  And my 2nd family at the ITC!!

Ace Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

Brenda Schwartztrauber

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