We’re setting new goals for SGPT this session!

Strength: How many more push ups will you be able to do by the first week of July? Plan on doing them in every workout w/SGPT and on Fridays on your own!
Cardio: How fast will your mile be? Plan out your cardio days, when will you do them? Where? With whom?
Nutrition: Are you meeting the daily requirements of 2 fruits , 3 vegetables , 3 dairy, and a serving of lean protein and a whole grain with every meal? Plan a grocery list, get to the store, keep fresh fruit on your counter where you can see it. Clean out your cupboards, get rid of the pre-packaged junk that sabotages you when your guard is down.
Flexibility: Are you stretching everyday? Start a routine, when does it work best for you to stretch? You have to make time. You have a sit and reach test coming up at the beginning of July!

Setting simple goals and setting a deadline are key in adherence. We all have days when we just don’t feel like going to the gym. Think of the satisfaction you feel once you submitted to the workout. Find your zone and train hard! You’ll soon start to crave the endorphins you feel after a good hard workout session.

Pay attention to your self talk. Do you encourage yourself? Do you surround yourself with people who encourage you? Find a workout buddy that will encourage you and then reciprocate.

Last but not least, challenge yourself! Don’t just pick the easy stuff! Do you find yourself ducking out of your stretching routine? Commit to 5 minutes a day no matter what! Your opportunity to improve your sit and reach test is NOW

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