Eat and Move

It seems like everywhere you look there’s a  T.V.,  magazine or some other form of media out there telling us what we should look like, or what diet or exercise bandwagon we should jump on.  What if we just picked some form of movement to do just because we liked it? Or picked some non-processed food just because we like the taste of it? Instead of thinking of eating well and exercising as punishment and deprivation, consider the plethora of healthy options you have and GO WITH IT! It’s a gift to be able to:

  • Wake up and eat some fresh pineapple and scrambled eggs with salsa and coffee
  • Go to the gym and play on some equipment, or go outside and walk, jog or run (whatever suits you), all while enjoying the fresh air, birds and deer along the trails.
  • Eat a lunch with some fresh veggies and lean protein
  • Avoid door dings and the frustration of “never getting rock star parking” by deliberately parking further from the door and actually walking a few extra feet
  • Plan out nutritious meals for ourselves and the people we love

Many people on this planet don’t have the opportunities that we do. We often forget about our gifts and focus on the negative. Take a moment to think about your blessings. Commit to focusing on what you can do to live in a healthier body TODAY.


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