Some updates that we would like to share with you.

  • B.A.S.I.C Training and Running Group at our Downtown Location B.A .S.I.C. Training is a program for all levels that focuses on helping your move better, loosen tight muscles, and improve your balance and coordination.  Curriculum involves movements that mimic activities of daily living, nutrition, stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning. Each training session focuses on a […]

  • ITC Farmer’s Market Outing

    ITC members formed teams and went out to shop the farmers market and pet a few furry friends. Then, they headed over to Centro to meet Derek Edsen (ITC Member and Executive Chef at Centro). There, Chef Derek showed them how to make delicious, healthy meals and shared simple cooking tips that add tons of […]

  • There’s No Change Without Challenge

    “I know what to do…I just need to do it.”  Are you guilty of using this phrase?  Still using it or know someone that won’t stop using it?  I admittedly have used it multiple times in my career of trying to find my fit-self….Looking back at where I came from: overweight medical issues (rheumatoid arthritis) mentally drained […]

  • Follow Through with The ITC Checklist

    ITC CHECKLIST Follow through Follow through. It’s the step that moves us forward from being a dreamer to being an achiever. As a new business owner, this is a theme that has been replaying in my mind often lately. Owning your own business means wearing many different hats. Delegation becomes paramount for success. It’s important […]

  • Important Dates & New Equipment‏

    Hooray for new mats! Sometimes it’s the little things in life… We have all new mats for stretching and floor work. We will be hanging them on the wall soon. For now, please do not roll the mats. Simply wipe them down and lay them flat in front of the mirrors near the equipment storage […]

  • June Updates

    New Equipment ​Be on the lookout for new mats and more foam rollers. Also, keep your eye out for updates regarding a drop in class for all ITC Members called “Stretch and Roll” on Saturday mornings. The class focus will be on recovery and repair. It will include a five minute warm up, followed by […]

  • New Session of TEAM Training

    We are starting a new session of TEAM Training on Tuesday June 10th. Remember, with TEAM Training, you get a full months worth of training at your fingertips, with the flexibility of meeting twice a week with your TEAM. I encourage you and your TEAM mates to meet up at the gym and train together […]

  • Update on our Johnston Location

    We just picked paint colors, flooring and ordered equipment for our Johnston location. I don’t mind sayin’: “Momma likes to shop for fitness equipment!” We feel so blessed for this opportunity. Please spread the word that quality training and an amazing gym is coming to the area! The address is 6210 NW 106th, Johnston. It’s […]

  • New Toy at Our Downtown Location!

    We’ve added a top-of-the-line Keiser spin bike to our toy box. I’m a big fan of these spin bikes because it has gears, and a display that reads wattage (power output) and rpms. In my opinion, it’s the best spin bike out there. Lots of sweat to be shed and fun to be had with […]

  • Big News!

    I’m excited to tell you about some new opportunities we have at ITC. First off, yesterday I spoke with the producers of the TV show West End Salvage seen on HGTV and DIY Network, and it looks like we are slated to be Episode Two for a remodeling project here at ITC Downtown. Derrick and […]

  • Second Location

    The other big news is that we are opening another location in Johnston off of 62nd. It’s new construction and we are very excited. I realize that most of you will be wanting to remain at the downtown location for training and my aim is to accommodate you. However, I will need to be in […]