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  • It’s a Hill, Get Over It!

    Unless you always run on a treadmill, you will encounter hills no matter where you run. Learning how to be efficient both up and down hills can make the miles much easier to complete. When running in a race, unless the race is one big hill, you want to focus on how to complete the […]

  • Easy Food Prep Ideas

      Food preparation is essential if you’re trying to eat fresh, unprocessed food. To keep your blood sugar stable eat every two to three hours. Here are a few recipes that you can make ahead on the weekend, then toss in your lunch box during the work week: Breakfast-Raspberry Walnut Oatmeal Ingredients 2 C. Old […]

  • Healthy and Delicious “2-fer Meals”

    We just got back from a fun boating expedition on Tablerock Lake over Labor Day Weekend. Derrick’s family owns a cabin down there. We had great weather and great food. I love having a kitchen available when we travel, because we love fresh home-cooked meals. However, I don’t like spending a lot of time cooking and cleaning while […]

  • Are You Plugged In?

    Are you plugged in?…..   One debate among runners is the pros and cons of using an electronic device while running.  The devices can be as simple as a small iPod Shuffle that plays a steady stream of your favorite songs to a complex GPS system that not only plays music but tells you where […]

  • “Do You Eat Breakfast?”

    “What did you eat for breakfast?”…. This is a common question I ask my new clients. Especially if I notice that they’re dragging through their workouts or not hitting their weight loss goals. Many people skip breakfast because they are either: (a) Don’t have time. (You know that’s a bad excuse, right?) (b) Not hungry..(“eat […]

  • Every Runner’s Nightmare

    Help, I’m broken and I can’t run! If you run long enough, eventually something will hurt. It took 5 years before my first ‘broken’ experience where I hurt enough to alter my training plan. I was preparing for a half marathon so having a level of pain that put me on the sidelines was devastating. […]

  • Fuel Your Workouts!

    Nutrient Timing When it comes to eating to fuel your body, nutrient timing is everything. The purpose of nutrient timing is to optimize your body’s performance by strategically planning out your pre and post workout snacks along with the rest of your meals and snacks for the day. Eating right isn’t just about calories in […]

  • Easy One Pot Meal Idea

    Most people think that eating healthy takes a lot of prep time. My advice when looking for healthy recipe inspiration? Focus on building your meals on protein and produce. Here’s a quick and easy recipe that fulfill my Protein & Produce Rule. Easy Turkey Chili 1 # 99% lean ground turkey 1 package taco seasoning […]

  • Are You Taking Your Body for Granted?

    “Wow!  I’m actually all healed up from the cycling accident and scary, cancer scare surgery!!” These were the words I excitedly called and told Terri Good, my friend and owner of Infinity Training Center, the other day.  Only for her to say, “That is the first line of the blog you’re going to write and […]

  • Eat and Move

    It seems like everywhere you look there’s a  T.V.,  magazine or some other form of media out there telling us what we should look like, or what diet or exercise bandwagon we should jump on.  What if we just picked some form of movement to do just because we liked it? Or picked some non-processed food just […]

  • There’s No Change Without Challenge

    “I know what to do…I just need to do it.”  Are you guilty of using this phrase?  Still using it or know someone that won’t stop using it?  I admittedly have used it multiple times in my career of trying to find my fit-self….Looking back at where I came from: overweight medical issues (rheumatoid arthritis) mentally drained […]

  • Follow Through with The ITC Checklist

    ITC CHECKLIST Follow through Follow through. It’s the step that moves us forward from being a dreamer to being an achiever. As a new business owner, this is a theme that has been replaying in my mind often lately. Owning your own business means wearing many different hats. Delegation becomes paramount for success. It’s important […]