Exercise Tips & Tricks

A few things to think about the next you workout…

  • Remember to BREATHE!

    Check out this article by ITC”s very own Sherry Smiley. Sherry is a running enthusiast who recently led her running team (51 Hour Energy) in the world’s longest non-stop non-professional relay in the WORLD! She’s also a member of T.E.A.M. Training and works the front desk on Wednesdays.   Don’t forget to breathe!~by Sherry Smiley […]

  • Foam Rolling

    We use our foam rollers at the end of our TEAM Training classes. This is an excerpt from my blog to inform you on why we do it. Please feel free to ask me for further instruction during class! Self Myofascial Release or Foam Rolling, massages muscles deeply much like a deep tissue massage. It […]

  • APRIL CHALLENGE-Ten Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

    30 Kettlebell Swings 20 Sit ups (or Crunches) 10 Push ups 5 Box Jumps Record the total number of rounds performed in ten minutes. Perform the workout once or twice a week and try to beat your previous score. Notes: Record your total number of rounds under either the “Prescription” or “Scaled” List on the […]