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  • ITC Loves HIIT Training

    If you’re looking for more fitness bang for your buck and you like variety, consider interval training. While interval training isn’t really new to the fitness industry, HIIT Training is relatively new in the fitness world. According to ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal’s November 2014 issue, high intensity interval training (HIIT Training) is at the […]

  • Owning It!

    What drives you to push harder through your workouts? One obvious answer is: “You, Terri!….that IS your job!” True. It is my job to push you to do one more rep, one more set, or choose a heavier weight during our time together. But, what is it that pushes you through your cardio or strength […]

  • Mix it Up!

    Ever just feel like you don’t want to work out? Maybe your slated to run today, but just can’t find the energy. Or you can’t stand one more minute on the elliptical (your cardio machine of choice for the past 500 workouts). Try something different to shake things up! Try: A new machine Get outside […]

  • Keeping Workouts Fun and Engaging

    We’ve spent the last four weeks learning two new workout routines. Now, that you’ve got some dynamic exercises mastered, it’s time to mix it up and have some fun! The next four weeks, we’ll be changing up your workouts by adding more kettlebell exercises, some cardio blast segments, maybe even a little obstacle course! Fabulous […]

  • Nutrition!

    Proper nutrition is the key to any weight loss mission. The exercise is very important as well. The exercise will keep your heart strong (hey-it’s the most important muscle in the body), the strength training will tone the muscles, help regulate blood sugar and increase your overall resting metabolic rate. It’s the FOOD that is […]

  • Salad Sabotage!

    http://mail.google.com/mail/?hl=en&tab=wm#inbox/121448a6157a3439 Check out the above link from Hungry-girl.com. What you’ll find is that a lot of salads that you order at your favorite restaurants have more fat than the entrees you were avoiding for the purpose of eating healthier. Your best options to keep the calories down: order light dressing on the side and dip […]

  • Goals!

    We’re setting new goals for SGPT this session! Strength: How many more push ups will you be able to do by the first week of July? Plan on doing them in every workout w/SGPT and on Fridays on your own! Cardio: How fast will your mile be? Plan out your cardio days, when will you […]