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  • Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

    Just finished making these muffins for next week’s breakfast. I didn’t have a few items on hand so I substituted a few things: For the  plain non-fat Greek Yogurt-I used 1 6 oz. carton of A&E Lemon Greek Yogurt (lemon goes really well with blueberries) For almond butter I substituted 2 T. coconut oil melted […]

  • Are You Plugged In?

    Are you plugged in?…..   One debate among runners is the pros and cons of using an electronic device while running.  The devices can be as simple as a small iPod Shuffle that plays a steady stream of your favorite songs to a complex GPS system that not only plays music but tells you where […]

  • “Do You Eat Breakfast?”

    “What did you eat for breakfast?”…. This is a common question I ask my new clients. Especially if I notice that they’re dragging through their workouts or not hitting their weight loss goals. Many people skip breakfast because they are either: (a) Don’t have time. (You know that’s a bad excuse, right?) (b) Not hungry..(“eat […]

  • Check Out our New Programs Starting in September

     FREE DEMO 9:00 AM SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 6TH AT OUR DOWNTOWN LOCATION Sign up with Brenda to try out this class for free! Back to B.A.S.I.C.S.-This is a T.E.A.M. Training Class that focuses on building a stronger foundation.  It’s perfect for beginners as well as advanced participants who are looking at building another layer to their training ability. […]

  • B.A.S.I.C Training and Running Group at our Downtown Location B.A .S.I.C. Training is a program for all levels that focuses on helping your move better, loosen tight muscles, and improve your balance and coordination.  Curriculum involves movements that mimic activities of daily living, nutrition, stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning. Each training session focuses on a […]

  • Fuel Your Workouts!

    Nutrient Timing When it comes to eating to fuel your body, nutrient timing is everything. The purpose of nutrient timing is to optimize your body’s performance by strategically planning out your pre and post workout snacks along with the rest of your meals and snacks for the day. Eating right isn’t just about calories in […]

  • Spruce Up Your Workouts

    A few quick tips to make your workouts more interesting: 1.  Change up your play list. How about an 80’s Hairband Playlist? 2. Add a short cardio interval between your strength sets. Try adding jump rope, kettle bell swings, or the agility ladder in between sets. 3. Use a different piece of equipment. If you […]

  • Easy One Pot Meal Idea

    Most people think that eating healthy takes a lot of prep time. My advice when looking for healthy recipe inspiration? Focus on building your meals on protein and produce. Here’s a quick and easy recipe that fulfill my Protein & Produce Rule. Easy Turkey Chili 1 # 99% lean ground turkey 1 package taco seasoning […]