Are you on target for fitness in 2015?

Today is January 12th, 2015. Eleven days ago, you probably at least thought about your fitness goals and pondered putting in more effort on your nutrition and workouts. How’s that goin’ for ya? Are you on target? If so, GOOD FOR YOU! If, by chance, you said to yourself, “I’m going to do extra cardio at the gym.” or “I’m going to start eating better.” But, failed to make a plan, then you’re probably finding that your heartfelt ideas were more of a wish than a decision to improve. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to follow through and see results.

Set a realistic and measureable goal. Then, write it down and share it.

Stop and reflect on what, specifically, you want to achieve. Your goal doesn’t have to be a number on the scale. In fact, I recommend that you consider choosing a training goal instead, or at least in addition to a weight loss goal. Maybe you want to train to walk or jog a 5K or maybe you’d like to train for a biking expedition. If you were to be consistent in your workouts, what would it take to get there? Three 20 minute cardio sessions per week, with stretching and 20 crunches on the stability ball might be a good place to start.

Decide what truly motivates you.

I find that my most successful clients don’t train to be a certain size or number on a scale. If weight loss is your first response, I encourage you to dig deeper. Besides, what are you going to do once you get to the size? Sit on the couch and wait for the weight to creep back up so you can do it again? NO! It’s perfectly fine to have weight loss goals, but focusing on a training goal will give your workouts a deeper sense of meaning and you will look forward to achieving something that has deeper meaning. I personally look forward to my workouts as “me time”. If your workouts are properly planned with progressions, you should feel challenged by them, but also feel a sense of accomplishment once they’re completed.

Remember, fitness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.

Focus on finding the joy in healthy food options and exercise options. After all, you’re going to be doing this the rest of your life! Start with the basics. Be sure and eat 5-6 small meals each day and HYDRATE! Sit down with family members and plan out a healthy meal plan over the weekend then shop and prepare those foods together. Try a new healthy recipe each week. Pintrest has great options.

Get your nutrition on task.

I find the biggest stumbling blocks to be:

1.  You went for the “eat less, weigh less mentality” and tried to dial your nutrition in too tight, leaving you with low blood sugar, causing you to not only make a poor food choice, but then consume too much of it.

2.  You decided you were going to eat better, but didn’t actually plan better. Once again, you find yourself with low blood sugar, causing you to not only make a poor food choice, but then consume too much of it.


Be kind to yourself.

If you’re not feeling confident about your training plan, perhaps it isn’t the right plan for you. Perhaps you’re putting too much pressure on yourself. Make sure you’ve picked an activity you’re actually interested in seeing progress in. Then, delay judgment of your performance and focus on doing your best at every given moment, remembering to pace yourself. After all, that is all that you can do, right? You can’t possibly be better than your best at any given moment.

Hire a professional to get you started.

If you need help setting goals and implementing them, consider having one of our knowledgeable trainers help get you on the right path. We will have a free nutrition seminar this Saturday January 17th at 9:00 am at our Johnston location. Be sure and call 515-259-9596 to reserve your spot. Then log onto to create a free nutrition profile. Be sure and note the calorie allotment given to you by myfitnesspal, as we will discuss smart ways to break down those calories to give you more bang for your buck!

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