Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have regarding our services. Please contact Terri for more information.

Q: Do you have to work with a trainer to have a membership?

A: No. ITC is a training center that runs under a different concept than most fitness centers. It is owned and operated by Personal Trainers who know that the key to a successful fitness regimen is: “The 3 P’s”:

  • PURPOSE– Coming into the gym with a solid understanding of your true purpose is paramount in adherence and results.
  • PLAN– A well rounded fitness plan requires a map that addresses: resistance training, cardiovascular training, flexibility training and a sound nutrition plan. Failure to plan for adequately for all four phases will result in less than optimal results. It would be like planning to drive to 123 Main St. Austin, Texas, without even looking at a map…ya would kinda get there, but you’re probably going to hit quite a few road blocks along the way.
  • PROGRESSION– Is the key element in achieving results safely and keeping you motivated once you’ve reached a goal. This is the basis for the name INFINITY TRAINING CENTER. You’re fitness possibilities are truly endless!

So, the answer is “No, you don’t have to train with a trainer to purchase a 24/7 Access Membership. We offer free exercise incentives to all of our members.” However, our training packages are affordable and based on over fifty years of combined experience by trainers who practice what they preach. Hence, our question to you is: “Why wouldn’t you want to book a session or two to set yourself up for success?”

Q: What kind of equipment do you have?

A: ITC has a full gym with functional training equipment, free weights, cables, selectorized equipment, treadmills, ellipticals, etc.
Q: Do you have lockers and showers?

A: Yes. We have showers and daily use lockers — please bring your own lock. We also provide towel service for a nominal monthly fee.