June 2014

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  • This Week’s Nutrition and Recipe Ideas‏

    I get a lot of requests for nutrition ideas. Here are some meal/snack ideas to help you in your nutrition planning… Breakfast Breakfast burrito made with corn or low carb tortilla, turkey sausage, egg whites and salsa with berries and black coffee. or Greek Yogurt and a slice of: Gluten Free Banana Bread-see recipe below-I […]

  • Remember to BREATHE!

    Check out this article by ITC”s very own Sherry Smiley. Sherry is a running enthusiast who recently led her running team (51 Hour Energy) in the world’s longest non-stop non-professional relay in the WORLD! She’s also a member of T.E.A.M. Training and works the front desk on Wednesdays.   Don’t forget to breathe!~by Sherry Smiley […]

  • Quick Meal Ideas

    Eating nutritious and balanced meals doesn’t mean you have to slave for hours in the kitchen. With a little strategy and planning, you can be sure that you’re supporting all of your efforts in the gym. These quick, easy to prepare meals will have you feeling energized. Take a look at the meal ideas listed […]

  • Mexican Inspired Meal Ideas!

    One Seasoning….Soooo many ideas! I love this seasoning because you can pronounce all the ingredients and you can control the sodium. Use this seasoning as a rub to make fish tacos. Try it on mahi mahi for a very satisfying meal. Use tilapia for a lighter meal. Make fajitas (just add onions and bell peppers), […]

  • June Updates

    New Equipment ​Be on the lookout for new mats and more foam rollers. Also, keep your eye out for updates regarding a drop in class for all ITC Members called “Stretch and Roll” on Saturday mornings. The class focus will be on recovery and repair. It will include a five minute warm up, followed by […]

  • Foam Rolling

    We use our foam rollers at the end of our TEAM Training classes. This is an excerpt from my blog to inform you on why we do it. Please feel free to ask me for further instruction during class! Self Myofascial Release or Foam Rolling, massages muscles deeply much like a deep tissue massage. It […]

  • Three Cheese Alfredo Recipe

    http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipes.asp?food=three+cheese+alfredo+sauce&a= If you’re really trying to ease up on your processed starches like pasta, try mixing it with zucchini ribbons (use a potato peeler), or pulse some cauliflower in a food processor and saute it to add to your rice. Of course, you could go uber clean and use just zucchini ribbons with your chicken, […]

  • New Session of TEAM Training

    We are starting a new session of TEAM Training on Tuesday June 10th. Remember, with TEAM Training, you get a full months worth of training at your fingertips, with the flexibility of meeting twice a week with your TEAM. I encourage you and your TEAM mates to meet up at the gym and train together […]